DoUrOwn! - DoUrWeddingCake!

I was at the wedding dinner of a close friend of mine, eating this delicious piece of cake (in fact, wondering since when I like wedding tarts😋) as a rumour started to make the round:

"The bride did the wedding cake by herself!" 

The guests started to look at each other with surprise:

"No, that cannot be. She would not risk that for her wedding!"

I can tell you now: She proved them wrong. She really did it and how she did it! The wedding cake looked so good (I mean take a look at those pictures! 😍) and tasted so well😋! I do not think you could find any professional that could have brought the cake in such a way. As the bride said to me:

"Of course, the guests should notice that the tart was not made by a professional! They should recognize that I did it personally! I loved to see the moment of surprise in the faces of the guests as they realized that they were eating my self made wedding cake!"

Indeed, typical for the character of the bride: She did not want to brag around of her achievements either before or during the wedding (I am a little different in this matter😜). Just a hand full of persons were in the know of her ambitious plan: her husband (obviously), her parents (as she needed test eaters😋) and two work colleagues (who are also keen to baking).

What I also find impressive, the bride not only embraced imperfection, but also appreciated the emotional value of the self made wedding tart:

"I was proud of it. It was something I specifically contributed to the wedding!"

I wondered, where my close friend got the inspiration and most importantly all the motivation to start such a DoUrWeddingCake-project?

"To be honest, I never was a fan of tarts. Cake for sure, but definitely not cream, or butter cream tarts. In addition, the costs for such a tart are around CHF 800 to 1000 and so much for something you actually do not like that much? Thus, I decided, I create my own dream cake!"

The reaction on this ambitious plan was actually not demotivating at all. In the contrary, the few persons she told about, were convinced that the bride, who is already known for her delicious baking capabilities, could do that! Especially, when they considered the one year preparation time she was eager to use! Because - for sure - such a project is linked with loads of effort:

"The biggest challenge was that there is no 'Betty Bossy-recipe' for a wedding cake, that explains step by step what you actually have to do!"

So she did a lot of research (book, blogs, youtube channels, websites and so), test-baked a lot and
got many new additional baking tools😏. Here, just few questions she occurred during her projects and which she answered by herself:
  • Which cake recipe would be the best?
  • Which filling should she use?
  • How does she have to adjust the quantity indication and the baking time for the size of a wedding cake? 
  • How can she correctly put the ganache on the cake? 
  • How to insert the fillings (in Youtube videos for example they never showed or said that quite some time has to pass before you can go on with the second/third and so ... layer of a filling.)?
  • How can you keep your refrigerator cool, while you keep opening the door frequently (Her fridge for example heated up till 14°)?
To sum it up, she invented the recipe for her own wedding cake all by herself, by skimming everything that was around and created something new!

"Was she never afraid of failure?" 

It is encouraging, how convinced my close friend has answered this question with a "No!", even if there were moments, when her supporters started to doubt her attempt. For example, when test eatings did not go well or when certain not expected problems arose during the actual preparation of the wedding tart. She kept believing in herself and said:

"We would have a dessert buffet with enough dessert for all! So, no worries!"

Mainly, it was her ambitious that motivated her. The goals to achieve straight edges, to get a really good-tasting cake and her honest interest in baking kept her going. The surprise and the very good reaction of her friends (They also loved the cake!) were the rewards she got in the end!

"If she honestly think others could make their own wedding cake as well?"

i asked her at the end of our conversation.

"Yes, clearly they can, if they really have an honest interest in baking, enough preparation time (Don't forget she tested over a year!) and can live with the fact that the cake will quite certainly not look professionally, but has instead the bigger emotional value!"

For me, my close friend is a very good example of how you can live out your creativity by embracing uncertainty as well as imperfection and by appreciating the emotional value of self made things!