DoUrOwn! - My Attitude to Life

I love to do things by myself: presents, presentations, party games and so on. However, as soon as I come up with a new idea and share it with family and friends I mostly encounter the same doubts:

"Are you sure you can do it by yourself? Isn’t it too complicated? Is it worth taking the risk? Do you really think that it will work out?" 

I keep answering those always the same way:  

”I am pretty sure it will work out in some way and let me try it out at least!”

So I keep doing my thing despite all the doubters.

A good example is the idea I came up with, while facing my 30th birthday. I wanted to create my own interactive party for 70 persons representing my interests and personality by not engaging any third party and not producing enormous costs. Guess, the reactions on this idea: 

"Are you sure you can create a game for 70 persons lasting more than four hours considering all ifs and buts? Do you really want to risk your party for this idea?"

I have to confess, those comments included reasonable doubts, which I should at least considerate and not only put to the side. However, it did not stop me from at least trying. 

Believe me, I was aware that I was a complete newbie on this field and that there weren’t any step-by-step manuals that would help me in this creation process. Thus, I started approx. one year before my birthday with first thoughts on the conceptualization and had therewith enough time for all buts and ifs. Guess what, it was possible and imaginable. My game worked out perfectly!

Imagine my satisfaction to see the surprise and kind of admiration in the doubters’ faces when they realized that my game actually worked out. There is always a way for doing your own! However, better than this satisfaction is the pride you feel having created your own product, knowing the effort you have invested in it and the obstacles you have overcome.

So after having proved myself and the doubters with my own created results I also kept hearing the same comments: 

"How could you do that by yourself? Where did you get these ideas and the energy for that? I could never be that creative!"

To be honest, it is harder to react on those comments. 

Surely, I am flattered by the shown admiration and yes, I also think that I am a creative person. However, I am actually convinced that almost every person can achieve what I have done. It is only a question of attitude. I think the biggest obstacle that people have to overcome is the fear of potential failure and their wish for perfection. People are unlikely willing to try things out, if they are not at least 80% sure that their product will work out perfectly. 

Let off of those two creativity blockers: Failure isn’t bad, it is an important part of your developing process and is nothing to be ashamed of and perfection can actually never be reached. You can always do something even better. The way is the goal not the result.

Probably, you find the last point the hardest to believe. Especially, because you are mostly your hardest critics. But let me demonstrate my point with a hypothetical example:

"Which present do you value more: A ring that was randomly selected out of a vitrine or a ring that was made by the present giver himself with much thoughts and love, looking however not that perfect as the one out of the vitrine?"

I am quite sure, it will be the second ring (if you're not a overly materialistic person at least 😏). Thus, the way (how the ring was produced) adds actually more emotional value to the ring.

So let off all the doubts and be brave: DoUrOwn!