DoUrOwn! - (You can) Be creative!

You can't imagine how many times I have heard the following:

" I am just not creative! A creative person should do that!"

To be honest, that's just a lame excuse for me. Every person can be creative. It's true there are persons that are more creative than others, because they inherited a certain talent. However, I think it's actually just a question of attitude and little training.

"Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.

This means that a person don't necessarily needs to be good in visual and performing arts to be considered as creative! Just to use myself as an example for that: You couldn't differentiate the front and the back of the hedgehog I draw in the third primary class 😅. I consider myself although as a creative person.

Creativity is about the inventive force ( I actually prefer the german word "schöpferisch") within each human:

"Looking at things differently as usually, coming up with a new, original idea and to realize it!"

So creativity can actually be a useful source for innovation and progress (even if it's so little). Just to mention few examples:
  • Galileo Galilei: Coming up with the heliocentric (sun-centered) world view that stands against the Bible. 
  • Each Mediator that is able to find a compromise between quarreled parties.
  • The teacher that can explain physics/mathematics in a way to me that even I can understand it 😉.
I think the crucial thing is to be able to activate this inner force . For some people this means to build down certain walls (one particular person should not start building one at all 😉):

1. Wall: "But no, I cannot think in that way, that is not the usual thing you do!"

Stop blocking yourself like that. Creativity is about thinking around the corner respectively to find the ladder to come over the wall😉. Who said that the usual way is the right way? On what basis can a person actually claim such an assumption? I doubt that she really tried out all potential ways and made an appropriate analysis on it  and I doubt that one person can really find all possible approaches, because there is actually mostly always another way.

So don't put any chains on your thoughts! Let them flow and be surprised with what you can come up...

2. Wall: "Am I unreasonable or not? This area is completely new for me. Shouldn't I stay in my comfort area?

Just not having experiences in a certain area cannot be a obstacle to try yourself out. Yeah sure, you have to be aware that you are a complete newbie and you should use the knowledge that is around and accessible for you. However, the experts in the field started also at the point you are now and a fresh, different view on things cannot harm anyone. In fact, it can foster creativity!

So be curious for the unknown, you can only grow from it!

3. Wall: "I am just not creative right now. I cant come up with any idea!"

There is a reason, why we are talking of a creation-PROCESS. It's not like you can push a button and voilà there is your creative idea. You need to get yourself in an inspirational mood. Sometimes it is suddenly there, mostly in not so convenient moment. My inspiration, for example, usually pops up, when I am lying in bed, trying to sleep. That's why an idea booklet on your side commode may be handy. 

Being aware that getting in the mood is quite an individual matter, I can think of one approach that may be useful for almost everyone: 

Look around what there is (in so many things you can find creativity), get inspired, and most importantly don't forget to think of that what is NOT around, because than you actually start to activate your inner inventive force!

To promote this mantra and to be hopefully a potential source for your inspiration I started this DoUrOwn Blog. It should serve as motivation and show you examples of how you can live out your creativity!