DoUrOwn! - Aim for new, innovative ideas!

So, unfortunately my holidays in beautiful Hawaii - the Aloha State - has come to an end. I can tell you there is no better place to recharge your battery and to get the negativity out of your body. The Aloha- Spirit is here all over the place in nature and in people. It is hard to not feel it and to not get in this spirit. Freely explained, the Aloha Spirit is a way of living together with oneself, with all others and with nature as well.

"Aloha means to hear, what is not said, to see, what can not been seen and to know the unknowable"

I am convinced that this life spirit helps one person to be creative. As you may remember from my recent post DoUrOwn! (You can) Be creative! creativity is to look at things differently as usually, come up with a new, original idea and realize it. The Aloha-Spirit may be helpful for that as it promotes not only the openness for everything unknown, but also the willingness to get to know and understand it.

Thus, other cultures or life forms (not only human, but also natural ones) can be an inspiration source to get your new creative ideas. As I said in the already mentioned post creativity is not only expressed in the visual and performing art! New, innovative society solutions are also based on creativity!

There are still so many challenges in the world that we need to address or that we keep struggling to find a successful solution for:

"Creative minds are needed that look at those challenges in a complete new way and they are probably not only found in the politicians and experts for the specific topics!"

Thus, don't be afraid to get your thoughts around though topics and think of new and innovative solutions for those. Maybe considering following points helps you thereby:

  • Look at other cultures, life forms and let yourself inspire how similar challenges have been addressed there, maybe there is a solution, we have not thought of yet?
  • Don't get demotivated  by all the failed attempts that there were already, but instead use them as an inspiration source on how to address the challenges differently.
  • Each impact matter even small ones. Thus, you don't need to start big, sometimes it matters already if you start by yourself and/or or with your community and then let it grow from there.
  • Be aware that coming up with a new solution is a process and does not come to you promptly!  You need to rethink the challenges several times, rearrange your solutions over and over again and most importantly need to look for the exchange with other persons.
I am sure, that every person is capable to come up with new ideas. You just need to be open for it. Let the Aloha-Spirit be part of yourself!

Maybe you know new, innovative approaches on current challenges that could be featured on my blog.  Tell me by leaving a comment.